How To Be DVD Release — and more!

1 December, 2009

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How To Be DVDs

We’re excited to announce that How To Be is now available for purchase in the United States, Canada, Australia, France and Germany, in addition to the UK!

The United States edition of the DVD from IFC Films

and MPI Media Group features extras including a making-of featurette with behind-the-scenes footage, an interview with star Robert Pattinson, the theatrical trailer, plus a preview of Life Is Just A Game.

How To Be has also been released in Canada by Alliance Films, in Australia by Madman Films, in France by V’ISION and in Germany by Eurovideo and Savoy, who have put out this trailer in German.

Get your copy of How To Be on DVD or iTunes today!

Next month, How To Be will be released in the Commonwealth of Independent States and is set to premiere as part of the British Film Festival in Moscow. Please stay tuned for information on releases in Brazil, Thailand, Korea, Italy and the Middle East!

Life Is Just A Game Web Series Update!

Life Is Just A Game has been released! Written and directed by Oliver Irving, the new web comedy series features Rob Pattinson’s How To Be co-stars, Mike Pearce (‘Nikki’) and Johnny White (‘Ronny’)!

In Life Is Just A Game, Mike Pearce stars as ‘Tommy Delniros’, a former NYPD officer who finds himself leading the private investigation of ‘Earl Grey’, a young English aristocrat played by Johnny White, who is meddling with gangs across New York City. Also acting in the series is How To Be composer Joe Hastings, who not only created original music for Life Is Just A Game, but also plays retired cop ‘O’Neil O’Hara’.

Watch the trailer to get a peek at what’s to come, and then catch up on the first four episodes of Life Is Just A Game!

Become a fan of Life Is Just A Game on Facebook and check out the website for information on the characters, original music and history of the project — and tune in on Tuesday for Episode 5: Friends Like These!

Life Is Just A Game is produced by Duffy Higgins and presented by A76 Productions

Robert Pattinson Autograph Giveaway!

Dreamboat Records has announced that it will be giving away the last five How To Be T-shirts signed by Robert Pattinson!

Just in time for holiday shopping, anyone who buys a copy of the How To Be soundtrack from the Dreamboat Records store during the month of December has a chance to win on of the T-shirts.

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