The soundtrack

Cover of the How To Be soundtrack

The How To Be soundtrack is available now on CD and digital download. A booklet of lyrics and new How To Be Photos accompanies both the CD and download.

The digital download is available from iTunes, Amazon and other retailers. An exclusive video is available on iTunes.

The CD is available direct from Dreamboat Records. The reverse of the lyric booklet features one of two randomly selected fold-out posters of Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast.

“Music is extremely important throughout the film and was a part of the screenplay right from the start,” says writer-director Oliver Irving. “I am very pleased with the soundtrack and everyone’s contribution to it — it truly sums up the feeling of the film.”

Track Listing

The 23-track collection features three orginal songs performed by Robert Pattinson, the striking original score by composer Joe Hastings and the quirky electronic sounds of musician-actor Johnny White, who plays Ronny in the film. A must-have soundtrack for any Pattinson fan, other musical highlights include ‘Old Man’ by Love, ‘Clear Spot’ by elusive genius Captain Beefheart and ‘Hammond Song’ by The Roches (as heard in the trailer).

  1. Opening Credits — Joe Hastings
  2. Chokin’ on the Dust Part 1 — Performed by Robert Pattinson *
  3. “It’s not your fault” — Joe Hastings
  4. Hell Awaits — The Rollercoaster Project **
  5. “You don’t actually have things all that bad” — How To Be **
  6. Old Man — Love
  7. Chokin’ on the Dust Part 2 — Performed by Robert Pattinson *
  8. “Sometimes we all need a little help” — Joe Hastings **
  9. Dr Ellington Arrives — Joe Hastings
  10. “Visualize a time” — Joe Hastings
  11. Jam Session — How To Be **
  12. 1996 — The Rollercoaster Project **
  13. Nikki’s Song — Mike Pearce **
  14. Puzzle — Joe Hastings
  15. Cemetery — Joe Hastings **
  16. Off Licence — Joe Hastings **
  17. Process 1 — The Rollercoaster Project
  18. Clear Spot — Captain Beefheart
  19. Hammond Song — The Roches
  20. Final Call — Joe Hastings
  21. “You’re not a nobody” — How To Be **
  22. Doin’ Fine — Performed by Robert Pattinson *
  23. End Credits — Joe Hastings

* By Joe Hastings and Oliver Irving
** Feat. film dialogue performed by Robert Pattinson

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